Orion Bionetworks is accelerating the search for brain disorder cures


Building predictive computational models by harnessing the power of  high performance computing and high-dimensional biosensor, biomarker and phenotypic data.

The Orion Bionetworks Alliance

We are computational modelers, life science researchers, clinicians, and patient advocacy groups forging a unique cooperative alliance to transform our understanding of brain disorders and accelerate the discovery of new treatments and cures.

Orion Bionetworks, Multiple Sclerosis

Our initial goal is to build the first robust computer simulation of multiple sclerosis to help predict the course of the disorder in individual patients and accelerate the discovery of new diagnostics, treatments and cures.



  • Decoding Brain Disease
    Decoding Brain Disease

    Orion’s pilot project to understand the complex human experience of MS with powerful computers is at the early stage of assessing individual data sets.


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